NeW 2021

Bike shorts expert meets Ergonomics specialist

GONSO meets SQlab

A cooperation that Fits

GONSO cooperates for the first time with the award-winning ergonomics expert from Bavaria, the company SQlab. The SQlab brand has set itself the task of designing saddles, steering elements, seat cushions and soles, as well as all bicycle parts that influence the correct position on the bicycle, according to the best health standards. In order to achieve this, SQlab works with experts from the medical field to develop the products.

In the course of the cooperation, the seat pads SQlab-Pad M and SQlab-Pad W were integrated into four newly developed bike shorts models for women and men. The development of the cycling shorts from the design to the cut and the extensive tests took place exclusively at the GONSO headquarters in Köngen.

The result is a product line that meets the high ergonomic demands of cycling. True to the motto GONSO. PERFECT. FIT.

SQlab GO

Bike Shorts for Men and Women

SQlab Seat Pad

SQlab-Pad M AND SQlab-Pad W

The SQlab Pad M and SQlab Pad W seat pads are up to 6 mm/ 8 mm thin and feel exceptionally tight. The seat pads keep their shape over medium and long distances. They consist of a dense yet breathable foam, which comes with a thin layer of TPE gel on the underside, making them an ergonomic alternative to our existing seat pad portfolio.


Minimisation of shear forces

The shear forces caused by the pedalling motion cause pain in the periosteum – even more so than the pressure. The slight but constant movement of the pelvis on the saddle creates painful shear forces at the periosteum. The SQlab pads M and W come with a thin layer of the orthopaedic TPE gel. This gel was specially developed to absorb medical-grade shear forces.

Thin and TIGHT

Why haven’t tight seat pads been around for a long time? Because high-quality foams with better shock absorption properties have a higher density and lack breathability. Using a patented process, SQlab has managed to break up the structures of this high-density foam. The result is a high degree of breathability that’s comparable to conventional seat pads while retaining perfect shock absorption.

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